Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

There are many different options available for the treatment of morbid obesity. Medical treatment options may include diet and exercise programs, medications, or behavioral therapy. Unfortunately, in the severely obese patient, these methods often do not provide significant or lasting weight loss. Numerous studies have demonstrated that surgery provides the most effective treatment for severe or morbid obesity. Successful weight loss surgery has been shown to do all of the following:

Provide both significant and sustained weight loss

Most patients lose over 50% of their excess weight within the first year or two after surgery and are able to maintain that weight loss long-term.

Improve or resolve most weight-related medical problems

Weight loss surgery can improve or resolve numerous different weight-related medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, sleep apnea, reflux, heart disease and even certain cancers.

Increase life expectancy

Obesity increases the risk of premature death and weight loss surgery can significantly reduce that risk and actually add years to patient’s lives.

Improve the quality of life

Significant weight loss through bariatric surgery can decrease joint pain and improve mobility and help patients be more active and productive. Successful surgery can also help improve self-image and confidence.

Reduce health care costs

Weight loss surgery can save money by improving weight-related medical problems and decreasing the costs associated with treating those problems, such as medication or hospitalization costs. In fact, laparoscopic weight loss surgery has been shown to pay for itself within two years due to reduced health care costs after surgery.

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Our weight loss surgery center at Sibley is different from most others. Here at Sibley we offer a “one-stop shop” where patients can have nearly all of their pre- and post-operative care in a convenient and compassionate setting. We realize the weight loss surgery process can be confusing, so we work closely with our patients to ensure safe and successful outcomes.

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