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Meet Jaime M

“Weight loss surgery changed my life and Sibley’s program made the difference.”

Jaime, before surgeryGastric bypass surgery helped a Sibley nurse lose 117 pounds and drop from a size 20 to size 6.

“I struggled with weight since I was a teen. Diet plans helped, but then I’d gain it all back. At the gym, my legs felt like they were on fire—not very motivating. When my son was born I weighed 242 pounds and decided I had to take action before serious health problems developed.

After checking out Sibley’s information sessions and support groups, I decided to have weight loss surgery. Working with their psychologist, dietician and trainer helped me understand that surgery alone wouldn’t stop me from using food as a crutch. With their support I made a whole mindset change and even lost 25 pounds before my gastric bypass.

My best friend had the same procedure at another hospital and was burdened with finding her own psychologist, trainer and dietician as well as scheduling every appointment. Sibley handled it all for me, right here. Everyone has been just wonderful. A year after surgery I’ve lost a whole person in weight—I feel great.”

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Meet Jack K., Sibley Gastric Bypass Patient

Jack had gastric bypass surgery at the Sibley Center for Weight Loss Surgery. Here, in his own words, is what he has to say about the experience and the results.

“Making the decision to have the bariatric surgery was not an easy one for me. I had fears, doubts, reservations and many questions. I researched other bariatric programs in several area hospitals but after attending Sibley’s bariatric seminar I decided to join their program which resulted in a life changing experience.

Jack K. with Weight Loss Team

“Under the close supervision and diligent care of Sibley's doctors and staff, I was able to lose over 120 pounds. This was not an easy task, but the constant motivation and strong support and a well developed program by the entire staff at Sibley who is involved in my care until today almost a year after my surgery, gave me the positive reinforcement that made it possible for me to reach my goal.

“I had my surgery on September 17th, 2007 and since then my life and health have greatly improved. I am able to perform tasks I never thought I could. I am now enjoying a much better quality of life and will forever be grateful for the great care rendered to me by Dr. Long and the staff at Sibley Hospital and especially the Sibley Bariatric Clinic.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a better healthier life.”

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Meet Kelly: Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Kelly P.Kelly battled with her weight on and off since high school. She tried diets, but the weight always came back—plus some. Kelly began experiencing health issues, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and aching knees and ankles from the stress of her weight.

After learning about Sibley’s Center for Weight Loss Surgery and educational seminars presented by the center, she decided to attend one with her mother.

“The doctor explained the types of surgeries very clearly,” says Kelly. Both she and her mom agreed that surgery was the right solution.

After six months of supervised medical weight loss, Kelly underwent gastric bypass surgery on August 11, 2008. To date, Kelly has lost an astonishing 85 pounds. Her prior health issues have been resolved and she has never had so much energy.

Before her surgery, she despised shopping because she felt she didn’t fit into that other world. She felt that people stared at her because she was overweight. “Now they’re looking at me because I look good. I take pride in myself now,” Kelly says, with confidence.

“I feel like I fit into that world now. I just love living and enjoying life,” Kelly says.

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